Milk Thermometer

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Using a thermometer will help you achieve this. Dual dial Fahrenheit and Centigrade - 4cm Dial x 12cm long (includes jug clip) This thermometer is suitable for 0.6ltr, 1ltr and 1.5ltr size jugs. The milk that goes into your coffee is just as important as the espresso. Getting this part wrong can ruin a great espresso based drink. It is important not to over heat the milk when steaming it. Heating the milk over 150ºF will limit its sweetness. To achieve the perfect milk we always recommend using a frothing thermometer. Always steam just the right amount of milk for the drinks you are preparing. Here it is important to use the right size jug for the number of drinks to be made. You should use a jug ½ the size of the drinks to be produced, i.e. 1 cup - 0.6ltr, 2 cups - 1ltr, 3 cups - 1.5ltr. To get the best results use only very cold milk (the colder the better). We also recommend keeping the frothing jug in the fridge as well, this allow you to steam for a longer period of time before the milk begins to boil.

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